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The Ridge at Manitou Muskoka

bride and groom portraits
Ridge At Manitou Wedding In Muskoka // Lynne & Steve 682 1024 Gee & Ieva

Ridge At Manitou Wedding In Muskoka // Lynne & Steve

You’ve probably heard some of the superstitions about bringing good luck to your wedding—things old, new, borrowed and blue are time-honored traditions. But what about rain? Would you feel lucky if a little fell on your wedding day? What if a little rain became a torrential downpour? What if you had spent hour after hour planning a gorgeous outdoor ceremony? And what if you had planned it from another country, looking forward to a beautiful wedding day in your homeland?
We discovered the answer to these questions with Lynne and Steve as we photographed their big day at The Ridge At Manitou. Muskoka is one of our very favorite places to shoot weddings, and when we found out we’d be returning, we were thrilled. When the day arrived and brought with it dark skies and threatening clouds…well, our thrill turned to all sorts of feelings. When we left our campsite and headed to Parry Sound, the day was as dark as the night had been. Sometimes these things blow over, and we hoped our hardest for the best.
All our hoping was in total vain—as the day went on, the sky opened up and everything was drenched. We thought about poor Lynne and Steve who had moved to Brisbane, where they worked so hard to plan their wedding back in their Canadian home country. It was the sort of situation that can prove a challenge and a strain to everyone involved, from photographers to caterers and especially to the bride and groom. There was no choice but to move the ceremony from dockside to indoors.
Once warm and dry, the couple exchanged their vows in front of the fireplace at The Ridge At Manitou, where they had planned to hold the reception. Surrounded—very literally—by their close family and friends, Lynne and Steve were joined as husband and wife while Lynne’s brother played the old guitar. While it wasn’t exactly what everyone had planned, we ended up feeling a little lucky that the rain drove us inside.
As luck would have it, the weather even eased up enough to snap a few photographs of the couple outdoors. We definitely felt like we were being rewarded for our determination to make the best of the day, no matter what—something we always try our best to do.

parry sound wedding in the rain
parry sound marina in the rain
muskoka waterfront wedding
the ridge at manitou water dock
wedding first-look on the dock
groom waiting for the bride
wedding reveal
wedding first-look on the dock
muskoka rain wedding
groom reaction to bride
bride and groom portraits on the dock
indie wedding gown
muskoka waterfront
bride and groom portraits
the ridge at manitou
the-ridge-at-manitou-candit shots
wedding ring shot
the ridge at manitou ceremony
the ridge at manitou ceremony
wedding ceremony acoustic music
emotional wedding ceremony muskoka
emotional groom at the ceremony
first kiss
father daughter hug at the wedding
antler chandelier at the wedding
DIY wedding decorations muskoka
the-ridge-at-manitou view
ridge at manitou wedding
ridge at manitou wedding
ridge at manitou wedding
ridge at manitou wedding
ridge at manitou wedding
ridge at manitou wedding
ridge at manitou wedding
ridge at manitou wedding
ridge-at-manitou-wedding at night
tearing bride
bridal party speeches
wedding first dance muskoka
ridge-at-manitou-night time
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The Ridge at Manitou wedding photographer Muskoka
The Ridge At Manitou Wedding Photographer Muskoka 682 1024 Gee & Ieva

The Ridge At Manitou Wedding Photographer Muskoka

Rain. Rain. Overcast. Stars.
The Ridge at Manitou wedding photographer Muskoka

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