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Stylish Canoe Wedding In Toronto Downtown // Chelsea & Vivek 740 493 Gee & Ieva

Stylish Canoe Wedding In Toronto Downtown // Chelsea & Vivek

We had a blast shooting Chelsea and Vivek’s wedding at the Canoe Restaurant. Famous for their food sunsets and Toronto skyline views Canoe is perfect spot to tie the knot. We were curious what Chelsea and Vivek think about their big day at the Canoe so we asked couple of questions and thats what they said.
Would you like to share something about the planing process? The best piece of advice we received in the planning process was to stay true to us in the decisions that we made. We embraced this advice whole heatedly and picked our overall style, venue, and suppliers based on this criteria. At the end of the day, we were thrilled with every decision we made, and the whole event felt very authentic to who we are as people and how we wanted to celebrate the start of married life.
Would you do something differently? No – we loved how our special day turned out!
What was the most fun part of the day? We loved having so many of our friends and family from all over the world all in one place together in the city we now call home. It was truly amazing to celebrate with people who have been with us along our journey as individuals and as a couple.
Was it challenging to plan a wedding? We decided to keep things fairly simple and did not get too caught up in the details. This made for a really enjoyable, stress-free wedding planning process!

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jewish wedding airship 37 toronto
Jewish Wedding Ceremony Airship 37 // Lauren & Josh 683 1024 Gee & Ieva

Jewish Wedding Ceremony Airship 37 // Lauren & Josh

We shot a few Jewish weddings and we have to say they never disappoint. What stuck with us this time how intimate and warm Lauren and Josh’s wedding ceremony was. Connection and energy between these two was insane. It was so touching and beautiful to watch. One frame for now from Lauren and Josh wedding ceremony at Airship 37 in Distillery District. Mazel Tov!

jewish wedding ceremony airship 37 toronto

canoe wedding toronto
Canoe Restaurant Wedding In Toronto // Chelsea & Vivek 740 493 Gee & Ieva

Canoe Restaurant Wedding In Toronto // Chelsea & Vivek

One frame from Chelsea and Vivek’s Canoe Restaurant wedding in Toronto downtown. Chelsea and Vivek just wanted to enjoy their day. Preparation photos were not their thing. After meeting them on 54th floor of TD Bank Tower we just followed their lead and had fun. Our couple was on fire and on top of the world. When it comes to being on top of the world on your wedding day we think its really hard to beat Canoe Restaurant. Stay tuned for more.

Canoe Restaurant wedding in Toronto

Ukrainian Cambium Farms Wedding In Caledon // Larissa & Dave 740 493 Gee & Ieva

Ukrainian Cambium Farms Wedding In Caledon // Larissa & Dave

One from Larissa and Dave’s Cambium Farms wedding in Caledon. As usual Cambium Farms don’t disappoint. We shot Roslyn and Dan’s wedding here awhile back. Cambium Farms had some improvements done over the years. Once there we immediately noticed new ramp to the barn so if you have family or friends in the wheelchair you will really like this new updated feature. Other than that Cambium Farms managed to preserve rustic look and vintage charm. Larissa and Dave’s wedding had Ukrainian twist to it. You have to wait a bit to see their full wedding story we think you won’t be disappointed.
cambium farms wedding in caledon

wedding photography royal canadian yacht club
Royal Canadian Yacht Club Wedding // Alice & Mads 683 1024 Gee & Ieva

Royal Canadian Yacht Club Wedding // Alice & Mads

Warning! This is extremely long blog post of Alice & Mads Royal Canadian Yacht Club wedding on Toronto Island so hope you love wedding pics, also it has a ton of golden reading material from our couple. Enjoy!

Upon reflecting on organizing our very international wedding I do not think it was really any more challenging than doing it from Toronto. What was really important to us was to make all of our friends and family welcome, no matter where they travelled from. For us, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to have all of our nearest and dearest from all over the world in one place to celebrate us. We had friends in attendance from 4 continents, and travelling as far as Melbourne and Cape Town. We estimate that we had about 30 Norwegians and an additional 20 from other countries. Travel and all of the places that we’ve lived were a very important theme throughout the planning and execution of the day.
Since we live in Oslo, Norway there were some minor challenges when organizing our wedding. When we embarked on the initial planning stages of our wedding my mom and sister were happy to make suggestions and visit venues for us. In the end we ended up at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club on Toronto Island. For me, this was my dream venue and somewhere that I had always dreamed of getting married. The venue itself is gorgeous, but the whole experience from taking the boat to the island and the most incredible backdrop of Toronto is something truly unique. This gave a special added extra not only to our international visitors but to many Torontonians who had never been to the Island. We were even treated to a thunderstorm during dinner!

We had to book many of our vendors sight unseen. Given that wedding season in Toronto books up very quickly and very far in advance we did not want to risk missing out on our first choice vendors. Thankfully, every single one of our vendors delivered beyond our expectations. Mads and I planned a whirlwind wedding planning trip in February before the big day, every single day was booked with appointments relating to the wedding including: cake tastings, wedding tastings, meeting the florist, our photographers and lastly meeting our wonderful Minister, Rev. Dr. Malcolm Sinclair from the Metropolitan United Church. He was a very easy choice for us as he had married my sister only a few years previous. He styled his speech around or main passion, travel. Specifically he quoted the poem “Ithaca” by C.P. Cavafy which reads “As you set out for Ithaka hope the voyage is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery.” These are words which the two of us will carry with us for the rest of our lives.

There is more good stuff from Alice & Mads RCYC wedding just scroll to the bottom.

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For Mads and I South Africa plays a very special part in our lives. It was the first time we lived together and began to plan our lives with a longer term outlook. We both studied there for our Masters degrees at the University of Stellenbosch. All of our stationary was designed by Jolindi Van der Merwe who owns Chystalace Wedding Stationary in Pretoria, this was our first nod to our special time in South Africa. On the big day I had a King Protea flower in the middle of my bouquet, this is the national flower of South Africa, and one which makes a big statement. John from Garden’s Path Floral Design was more than happy to incorporate the nods to South Africa and cheery lemon theme from our stationary into the floral design of the day.
Playing on the international theme of our wedding the dock at the RCYC was decked out in alternating Norwegian and Canadian flags. When arriving at the club to get ready in the morning it was a really special moment for both Mads and I, signifying our union. Instead of having table numbers we decided to have table names of some our favourite vacation destinations and places that we’ve lived. This was accompanied by the one DIY element of our day, a map with photos of us in those destinations. We wanted our friends from all over the world to mingle so we spent quite a while planning out our tables. We seated friends similar interests and professions together and didn’t seat couples beside each other so that everyone was forced to interact with each other. This ended up being a great decision and many people left the night with new friends. Scandinavian wedding receptions are different than a Canadian reception. Normally they have approximately 10 speeches from both family and friends (this can make the dinner a bit lengthy). In the end we had five speeches which were all hilarious and had the entire room cracking up! Our non-Scandinavian guests were also in for some fun surprises along the way. In Scandinavia if people start clinking their glass it means the bride and groom need to stand on a chair and kiss, similarly if the guests stomp their feet the bride and groom need to get under the table to kiss. Lastly, if the bride or the groom uses the washroom all the ladies line up to give the groom a kiss or the men line up to give the bride a kiss. This was a big hit and was so wonderful to get everyone participating in these traditions.
Is there anything we would change? I wouldn’t change anything in terms of logistics. All of our vendors were incredible, I would also encourage a photobooth. People who hadn’t met before were queueing up to take silly pictures with each other and it provided a great way for people to get to know each other. Seeing all of the photos after the fact was such a treat. Also, having an on the day wedding coordinator is worth their weight in gold. This was perhaps the best investment of the day! Ours was there the entire time and helped us with everything, from setting the place cards to giving us the cues to walk down the aisle. He was incredible.
The one thing that Mads and I would change would be not to stress as much and worry less. We were so nervous in the lead up and on the day, but everything works itself out. We had the most amazing support system in our wedding party and our families that there was absolutely nothing we should have been worried about. Everyone is there to celebrate you and will help you wherever possible!
It was really a special day for us. We are still getting compliments about uniqueness of our day. We know that it was special, but it is wonderful to hear how special it was to all of our family and friends, especially those who travelled to be with us.
We’d like to give a huge thank you to our amazing photographers who truly captured the magic of the day!

Alice & Mads

Our vendors were:

Venue: Royal Canadian Yacht Club
Cake: Wedding Cake Shoppe
Flowers: Garden’s Path Floral Design
Stationary: Chrystalace Wedding Stationary
Hair and Makeup: Windy Chiu
Photbooth: PartyPix
Groom’s Ring: Uwe Koetter (Cape Town)
Engagement Rings: Annoushka (London)
Wedding Bands: Dear Rae (Cape Town)
Dress: Atelier Pronovias (Bought in Oslo, Kristin’s Brudesalong)
Shoes: Paul Andrew/ Charlotte Olympia (The Room, Toronto)
Tuxedo: Oscar Jacobsen (Bought in Oslo)
Day of Coordination: Michael Muir
DJ: Maren from Dailed in DJs
Music : – Anna of the North – Us ( iTunes )

airship 37 wedding toronto downtown
Airship 37 Wedding In The Heart Of Toronto // Pip & Chris 683 1024 Gee & Ieva

Airship 37 Wedding In The Heart Of Toronto // Pip & Chris

Nicely tucked in next door to Distillery District Airstrip 37 is perfect spot to celebrate wedding in Toronto downtown. We would say space at Airship 37 is what you make of it. At first glance Airship has very modern urban atmosphere. From here you can take various routes decorating the rooms and probably be safe no matter what. As we mentioned probably a thousand times we love weddings that take place at one location from start to finish. This allows more connectivity between wedding day elements. At Airship 37 staff are pros at flipping rooms from ceremony to reception so you can relax and enjoy the moments during cocktail hour. There are couple of areas to hang out, mingle, connect and reconnect with your family and friends. There is outdoor space with vintage bus jammed in for your amusement. The bus is actually fully functional prop. The other area is sort of a lounge bar area. Here you can grab a drink escape sunshine on a hot summer day or hide from the rain.
If you have a need to step out from Airship 37 grounds from whatever reason Distillery District is next door. Distillery District needs no introduction of course. Here you can grab a bite, a cup of coffee or have a drink before the celebration begins in case you early or whatever other reason. If you love people congratulating you every step of the way Distillery District is perfect for your wedding photos. If not there are plenty of spots around the area that are more private and we been using to take pictures for years.
As always worth mentioning space without people it’s just that an empty space.
We had fantastic time shooting Pip and Chris wedding at Airship 37. We walked through Distillery District enjoyed sunshine during cocktail hour and finished big day with sparkles. Please scroll for the photos that we think tell a better story than words. Cheers!

downtown wedding bride getting ready
Toronto downtown wedding getting ready at the hotel
bridal make up
trump hotel view
bride getting ready at the Trump hotel
aisle decorations airship 37
Getting Airship 37 ready
aisle wood chairs
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mother of the bride
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airship 37 Ceremony
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bag piping at the wedding
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airship 37 first dance
Sparklers at the wedding

Music : – BØRNS – Clouds ( iTunes )

rcyc toronto island wedding
RCYC Toronto Island Wedding // Alice & Mads 740 493 Gee & Ieva

RCYC Toronto Island Wedding // Alice & Mads

This year we were invited to shoot RCYC Toronto Island wedding. For those who don’t know The Royal Canadian Yacht Club is located on Toronto Island. We love to shoot weddings in Toronto the problem is once you in the middle of downtown you don’t see the town anymore. RCYC was just a solution to fix this problem. Not only we were watching Alice and Mads exchanging their wows under the willow tree all Toronto skyline was in front of us. But to be honest we are so grateful for all the awesome people we meet and specially when we meet them after they book us for the big day. Alice and Mads live in Norway and they trusted us too shoot their wedding at RCYC without the eye to eye meeting. We are blest with people we meet year after year and so thankful for trusting us with such an important moments of your life. One for now with Alice and Mads.

rcyc toronto island wedding

Distillery district wedding photos
Airship 37 Wedding Photography Toronto // Pip & Chris 740 493 Gee & Ieva

Airship 37 Wedding Photography Toronto // Pip & Chris

Airship 37 is another awesome wedding venue in Toronto downtown. Airship 37 located next door to Distillery District so you can be sure that all your wedding photography spots is walking distance from the venue. Therefore you can spend more time in front of the camera instead of siting in the traffic on the way to some other location. It’s run by Berkeley Events so you know you getting quality service. Recently we shot Pip and Chris wedding at Airship 37 and totally love the space and atmosphere of the venue. Here is one with our super laid back awesome couple.

airship 37 wedding photography

Fine art bridal portrait
Ontario Barn Wedding Puslinch // Noelle and Ben 683 1024 Gee & Ieva

Ontario Barn Wedding Puslinch // Noelle and Ben

What made you two choose as barn as your wedding venue?
We both don’t drive and take public transit everywhere, and while considering a restaurant or event space downtown was tempting, I really didn’t want to see a TTC vehicle anywhere on my wedding day. Though we are both Italian, a hall-style wedding wasn’t for us. I guess I just decided on a barn because I thought it would be a good way to get people out of the city for an afternoon, and have them witness a wedding and party in a location that wasn’t traditionally associated with Italian weddings.
We looked at a couple of barns in near Guelph and Niagara, but really fell in love with the private barn venue in Puslinch. We were greeted on side by a pack of puppies, two adorable donkeys (which they no longer gave), and a sheep wearing a tweed coat. Immediately I was in love with the animals, the property, and how wonderfully the barn was restored. We actually found it through a posting on Kijiji – bizzare, I know, but it definitely surprised us with its charm and affordability.
And the best part? We could bring in 100 per cent of our own vendors. This is not common, especially with Toronto venues and wedding venues in general, because they make you choose from a list of preferred vendors instead. Allowing us to have total control over the catering, décor, music, florals, and cake, helped us save money in the long run. We booked on the spot for a June 2017 date, a couple of weeks after we got engaged, leaving me lots of time for wedding planning. We decided to do both the ceremony and reception all on site, so guests wouldn’t have to worry about commuting from one place to another.

Your reception décor was awesome. How did it come together?
I basically started doing a little bit each month before the wedding. I also have to give credit to Ben for allowing me to go with such a unique colour palette – we did magenta and cherry red, with accents of baby blue. Definitely not conventional, and I can’t even begin to tell you how many of my friends and family weren’t sure what I was doing design-wise. I kept telling them to trust my creative vision (hah!), however, I don’t think they fully were able to understand everything until the day of the wedding.
I spent countless hours surfing Etsy for the right accents, ordering our ceremony carpet from the U.S., paper lanterns (which we then covered in polka dots) from Canada, and laser-cut table numbers (which I hand-painted and glittered) from the U.K. I also spent about a year collecting vintage tea-cups, dishes, and little kitschy 1950s statues to put our florals in. I made our head table ribbon curtain and sparkle garland, spray painted mason jars for other flowers, bought giant tissue puffballs our bridal party diligently fluffed and strung up the day before the wedding (please forgive me), and designed all my own invites/menus/placecards using both Minted and my basic Photoshop skills from work.
My mom also helped A LOT. She was basically my assistant wedding planner. We didn’t order enough blue fabric for our table runners, and managed to get a rush ship of an extra order delivered the day before our wedding to her office. Her colleagues were contacting Canadian customs to see if they could get it released faster – and when it finally arrived – someone drove it to her house. The amount of care they all had for a roll of burlap was pretty incredible. My mom then sewed these table runners the afternoon before the wedding, while we were doing other errands. (Scroll to the bottom of the post for more gold on planing tips and fun facts from Noelle).

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How did you and Ben meet?
We both went to the same high school, but I was dating someone else at the time and Ben really wasn’t on my radar. He definitely wouldn’t have been my type back then, and I wouldn’t have been his either. We were complete opposites. We reconnected during university while both single, through a mutual friend. We shared an evening of pizza and whiskey, and then eventually figured out we really liked each other and had a lot in common. We began dating long-distance, commuting between Kitchener and the GTA, so there were times it wasn’t easy. We also both had a lot of growing up to do. When Ben finished his degree, he moved back to Toronto and we decided to get more serious about our relationship, moving in together. The rest is history.

How did he propose?
Fun fact. It is possible to ruin your own proposal.
It was a Friday night and I was in the middle of cooking a big dinner for Ben and a few of his friends. It was going to be his birthday party, and I had been running around in the kitchen trying to get everything done. Ben accidentally left his phone at home that day, and it kept buzzing as I was prepping the food. I figured it was probably one of his friends wanting to know what to bring, or updating us of their plans. We have an open-phone policy, so I went ahead to check the messages. On the screen I saw a message from his bff: “So you’re going to do it tonight? You have the ring?” I literally threw the phone away from me, into a pile of clothes, and pretended I didn’t see what I just saw. We had talked about getting married for a while, he knew the ring details, and he had asked my parents for their permission at their recent anniversary dinner. Again, we’re that kind of family where everything is out in the open, I just didn’t expect to blow my own surprise engagement.
When Ben walked in the door after work, I was in bed resting before the guests came over. He was holding a huge LCBO bag and I immediately, jokingly, asked him how much money he had just spent on wine – he likes the expensive stuff! He replied “I decided to go ahead and get myself a gift for my birthday,”…and then he popped out the little ring box, from the LCBO bag, and said something along the lines of, “If you would marry me, that would be the best gift ever!” Of course, I said yes! Little did I know he told all our dinner party guests ahead of time that he would be proposing, so the night turned into an impromptu engagement party with flowers and bubbly and our closest friends. PS – I didn’t tell him I found out about the proposal from the phone, until about a week later. He now has a passcode in place.

What role did your wedding planner play?
Laura from Marvelle Events, and her team, did a phenomenal job doing month-before planning. She handled all the invoices, payments, organization, and taking care of all the things we didn’t think about – like ordering a disposal bin for on-site waste.
We also had a second event planner through our caterer, P&L Catering, who handled all our rentals for the day. The barn was literally just a barn, so we had to bring in everything – including the kitchen – and have it built on site. The level of organization to manage how complex that was, was pretty astounding. The majority of our larger décor rentals, such as tables, accent sofas and chairs, came from both Marvelle and a few other vendors in the Guelph area. They helped add some glamour to the rustic farm vibe we were going for.

Tell us about your flowers!
The flower aspect was pretty simple. I am not a florist. I work in digital marketing. I can’t even keep a house plant alive. That being the case, I wanted someone to take total control of our florals. Once I found the most amazing, talented and just sooooo-lovely Robyn from Guelph’s Blooms and Flora, I had met my match. She was so excited about our project, fit our budget, and was close to the venue. Our consulting session was pretty open ended. I gave her our colour scheme, details about volume of flowers we would require, dropped off 100+ vintage vases, teacups and other holders, and basically told her to do what she wanted. The result was that the flowers turned out to be one of the parts people remember the most about the day. Everyone kept commenting how bright and vibrant they were, and I think this had to do with the fact that Robyn and her team were able to showcase their love of flowers whichever way they saw fit.
Our biggest floral pieces were on either side of us at the ceremony – two large sprays resting on top our respective families’ trunks from when they both crossed over the ocean, from Italy to Canada, as new immigrants. Having those pieces anchor the place where we said our vows, was incredibly meaningful for the both of us, and was a way to pay tribute to the history of our family.

Your food also wasn’t traditional – what made you choose the dishes?
We both love fried chicken, and wanted to re-create our favourite ‘Fried Chicken Tuesday’ dinner from Parts & Labour restaurant in Toronto’s Parkdale neighbourhood. Again – not traditional for an Italian wedding. The good news was that P&L were totally on board to whip up a fried chicken and BBQ brisket feast. Guests enjoyed cocktails and appetizers right after the ceremony, outside the barn. We also had a shucker from Oyster Boy, since so many of our friends and family love oysters. Dinner was served family style, with a trio of salads (including a modern Caprese and Caesar as a nod to our Italian roots), and then the fried chicken and brisket, with gravy, mashed potatoes, collard greens and slaw. Vegetarians got an eggplant stew served over corn grits.
For dessert we had an all-you-can-eat pie bar, featuring pies from the Pie Plate in the Niagara-region, as well as pies that were hand-made by my mom and her friends. There was ice-cream, whipped cream, and other candy toppings to satisfy people’s sweet tooth. Our cake was very simple and something we’ve eaten a lot of in the past; a vanilla sprinkle party cake from Bobette and Belle – a bakery near our old apartment. We cut it secretly and didn’t really tell anyone so we could just enjoy the moment to ourselves.

Do you have any planning tips and tricks?
Do as much as possible ahead of time, in monthly increments, so that way you are not stuck the month before your wedding dealing with everything all at once. Plan it out like you would a work project. Stick to your deadlines, beliefs, and budget …and don’t let any vendors push you around. Only work with companies that treat you fairly, and who have good people behind them. The wedding industry is crazy and there are a lot of people who prey on the emotions attached to the ‘big day’ for their own financial gain. We heard horror stories from friends, and truly avoided this, again because we were able to control all our own vendors.
Other planning tip: don’t rope your bridesmaids into doing an excessive amount of stupid sh–. They have lives too, jobs too, kids too, and need to deal with all of that. Sure, they helped out with a few crafts, and helped throw me a bachelorette party, but overall you need to expect to be ready to do all the planning work yourself.
Oh and yes – things will go wrong the day of your wedding. My dress ripped during the first look (there was a lot of tulle so it wasn’t a big deal), my veil attacked my dad during a windstorm as we were walking down the aisle (and it totally made everyone laugh), our bulk ice order got delivered to the venue the day before and almost melted (shout out to a local hotel for keeping it cool in their walk-in freezer), and our caterer forgot to order shot glasses. Everyone did shots out of coffee mugs, and it was not a big deal. In fact, maybe we’re going to start a new wedding trend…. #mugshots?

What was your favourite part of the wedding?
Obviously getting married to the love of my life was the highlight. Up there saying our vows, the world just stopped. It was such an intimate moment, even though were both on display. That feeling of total connection to the one you love, as you pledge your I-Dos, caught both of us off-guard in a good way. We waited so long to share that, I am forever grateful Ben and I found each other.
Beyond that, it was awesome seeing all of our family and friends enjoying the evening, and especially the food. And of course, as someone who planned the majority of her wedding herself, it was a dream to see it all come together. Months after the wedding we still have people telling us what a phenomenal event it was, and both Ben and I are so grateful for everyone’s support and love in helping us make that big day possible.

Looking back at all of the wonderful photos from Gee and Ieva continue to fill our hearts with joy, and they are such an important part of helping us remember how special our day was.

Music : – Bon Iver – 29 #Strafford APTS ( iTunes )

stoneacre farm wedding photographer
Stoneacre Farm Wedding Photographer // Noelle 683 1024 Gee & Ieva

Stoneacre Farm Wedding Photographer // Noelle

We recently photographed Noelle and Ben’s wedding at Stoneacre Farm in Puslinch Ontario. Ceremony was outside with magnificent Noelle’s entrance, you have to see it to understand what we are talking about we will definitely share that later. Wedding reception was at the barn, Noelle and Ben looked stellar, flowers and decorations were the bomb. There was a mountain of food and everything was just fantastic. It was our kind of wedding. For now… one frame with Noelle.

stoneacre farm wedding photographer

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