• June 22, 2014

2nd Floor Events Toronto Wedding Photographer // Vaida & Alex

2nd Floor Events Toronto Wedding Photographer // Vaida & Alex

2nd Floor Events Toronto Wedding Photographer // Vaida & Alex 740 493 Gee & Ieva

We use the word “love” a lot on this blog, but can you blame us? We get to spend time with incredible couples in incredible spaces—it’s wonderfully contagious! Among the many, many things we love about our job as wedding photographers is experiencing all the unique urban spaces in downtown Toronto. One new spot we can add to our list of loves is 2nd Floor Events, a fairly new addition to Toronto’s downtown scene.
We’re always drawn to simplicity. Sometimes frills and fluff don’t necessarily add anything to an occasion, and slimmed down elegance is always so attractive to us. If you love hardwood floors, lots of open space, and the classy and classic look of exposed brick this place is absolutely for you. The atmosphere is modern and sophisticated with a warm touch of coziness—a combination we also found in the beautiful couple we photographed.
As soon as Vaida and Alex were dressed up and ready for their day, we were lucky enough to join them as they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day. We hung back a little and captured genuine moments of two people in love as they took a walk around the block. We’ve met a lot of people over our years of wedding photography, but we never get tired of spending time with couples like Alex and Vaida, who let a sense of laid back easiness take them through their photo shoot.
Weddings are always a union of two lives, and theirs had the special honour to be a union of two distant parts of the world. Alex hails from the eastern reaches of Canada near Newfoundland, and Vaida’s roots are Lithuanian. It was a marriage of bride and groom, of icy Canadian mountains and expansive fields of Lithuanian rye, and of two people who are going to be very happy.

2nd floor events toronto wedding photographer

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