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Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding

Spring Berkeley Fieldhouse Wedding // Bri & Adam 1024 683 Gee & Ieva

Spring Berkeley Fieldhouse Wedding // Bri & Adam

So far this year has been super busy for us and seems like spring was just here. So we thought we will share this spring Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding with you. If you think these two cool cats look familiar to you, you are right, we shot their engagement at Riverdale Farms last fall. It was really nice to observe Bri and Adam and spend some time together. One of the advantages attending weddings as a wedding photographer is to see the whole day from beginning to the end. Bri and Adam picked Berkeley Fieldhouse for their ceremony and reception. Every time these two words fits in to a one place we know its going to be awesome wedding. We shoot at Berkeley Fieldhouse and Berkeley Church quite often and wrote about both of these venues before so there is not much to add to it. No mater how many times we visit same wedding venues, people always make space their own. Walls can be the same but people will bring their own atmosphere colours and characters. That same old place suddenly becomes new. To capture you as a couple and reflect essence of your wedding day is number one goal for us. We know that this is a quest of the life time. No matter how much we shoot there is always new things to learn and improve.

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Music : – Hannah Georgas – Stay ( iTunes )

flower bouquet
Spring Downtown Wedding // Bri 1024 683 Gee & Ieva

Spring Downtown Wedding // Bri

We will start this year where we left off. One frame from Brianne and Adam’s spring downtown wedding at Berkeley Fieldhouse. We are still able to find some grunginess in constantly changing Toronto streets.

downtown wedding

Bridal portrait Toronto downtown
Berkeley Fieldhouse Wedding Downtown Toronto Abby & Cole 683 1024 Gee & Ieva

Berkeley Fieldhouse Wedding Downtown Toronto Abby & Cole

Berkeley fieldhouse wedding
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Toronto wedding at berkeley field house
Toronto wedding at berkeley field house
Toronto wedding at berkeley field house
Toronto wedding at berkeley field house

Music : Beck – Turn Away ( iTunes )

Berkeley-Fieldhouse wedding
Toronto Fieldhouse Wedding Photographer 682 1024 Gee & Ieva

Toronto Fieldhouse Wedding Photographer

One frame from Berkeley Fieldhouse wedding in Toronto downtown. Stay tuned.
Berkeley-Fieldhouse wedding

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