• October 12, 2017

Liberty Village Toronto Engagement // Courtney & Devin

Liberty Village Toronto Engagement // Courtney & Devin

Liberty Village Toronto Engagement // Courtney & Devin 683 1024 Gee & Ieva

One of the reasons our couples pick For People In Love Session with the wedding package is to see how the portrait session on the wedding day will go. For us it’s a good way to connect with our couples and see what direction we will take on a big day. After spending some time with you we often analyze what we would do differently and if needed to adjust some shooting strategies. What we often here from couples we worked with is how at ease they feel after photo session. It clears their mind regarding wedding portrait session, answers a lot of the questions about all the process and takes a lot of stress from their shoulders. On the wedding day you will have a lot on your plate and having one uncertainty less its a good thing. As we mention before For People In Love Session can be anything – your engagement, family portraits etc. Of course besides all the technicalities you will have fragments of your life and love captured that you will cherish forever.
Courtney and Devin decided to have their engagement photos to be taken in Liberty Village. That’s were they live and play so naturally corners around Carpet Factory and near Caffino restaurant was obvious thing to do. We met at School restaurant corner and continued further on. These two were amazing. Here is one frame for now.

liberty village toronto engagement


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