• April 7, 2014

King City Wedding Photographer // Sara & Joshua

King City Wedding Photographer // Sara & Joshua

King City Wedding Photographer // Sara & Joshua 682 1024 Gee & Ieva

One of the best parts of being in love is that your entire world can become focused on that one wonderful person. Life’s little hiccups melt away when they’re by your side, and you stop noticing the imperfect parts of your day. We’ve seen this many, many times–though we are right in the thick of the action on a wedding day, and though shutters are clicking, the bride and groom often are so completely enraptured in each other that nothing else matters. In those moments, we become invisible and get to enjoy the couple just being themselves and in love.
Sara and Joshua are perfect examples of this. For all the labor and careful planning that goes into a wedding, there is one detail that is absolutely out of your control: the weather. We love to shoot outdoors, and we always keep a watchful eye on the forecast. The prediction for Sara and Joshua’s big day was promising–nothing more than a few clouds. Sara, however, had made a prediction of her own. Weddings in her family have a long tradition of being rained out, and though our trusted weather app suggested everything was going to be ideal, her wedding day definitely didn’t break with tradition. The clouds rolled in and the sky opened up, soaking everything in a matter of minutes.
Yes, everyone could have been upset. Yes, it could have spoiled everything. But for Joshua and Sara, it was just another way to make their day even more memorable. If you need further proof that their spirits were anything but dampened, during the party after the ceremony the groom threw on an electric guitar and the bride took the microphone and the two of them rocked out for all their lucky guests. We’re sure they are a duet that will be making the most of things for many long years to come.

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