• September 21, 2015

Family Farm Wedding Ontario // Annie & Trevor

Family Farm Wedding Ontario // Annie & Trevor

Family Farm Wedding Ontario // Annie & Trevor 683 1024 Gee & Ieva

When you’ve seen as many weddings as we have–which is more than a few, believe us–you sometimes get to take a small step back and think about what all the best ones have in common. Cake? Oh, yes; who doesn’t love cake? Flowers? Of course. Happy people? It’s hard to not feel happy when people are swearing their love to each other for a lifetime. So what is it? What makes a wedding that much extra special?
For us, it’s all about the energy, the vibe, the undercurrent of the whole experience. We are lucky to have attracted many, many couples with the kind of sensibility that’s both down to earth and also rooted so deeply in rich, sentimental love. Oftentimes our wedding photography is put to use in intimate spaces that reflect warmth, coziness, and the closeness of all the people there celebrating. And we have to say maybe our favorite locations that include all of that (and more) are farm spaces. More and more couples seem to be looking for that old fashioned but very hip atmosphere they offer, and many farms will now rent their space for weddings and receptions. Even if the land hasn’t been in your family for generations, it will still feel like home.
Farms immediately conjure images and feelings of families, of roots, of traditions, of working together to build a life, of a place to feel safe–all the elements of a wonderful marriage. Plus, can you beat the amazing natural lightning and all the incredible ways to dress up a barn? You really can’t. You really, really can’t.
Annie and Trevor would wholeheartedly agree. Though they both now live and work in the fast pace of New York City, they slowed it down for their big day and chose the ancestral farm that belongs to Annie’s family. A good hour away from Toronto, this Grafton, Ontario farm had been started by the bride’s grandparents–who, even though they are both over 100 years old, were there to witness the ceremony and honor the couple’s love. Though old of body, they were so obviously young at heart that we left feeling inspired to stay in love as long as they have.
It must have made them feel so many memories flood back to them as they looked back on all the things that have happened on that land, and to look forward to the future of the couple and all the things waiting for them in their new life together. The ceremony was full of wildflowers that friends of the couple had picked from the neighboring fields, and as the sun set on the day the night came alive with fireworks.
Words can hardly to justice to this beautiful day. But luckily, we had out cameras ready.

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