• December 15, 2014

For People In Love Adventure Twillingate Newfoundland // Vaida & Alex

For People In Love Adventure Twillingate Newfoundland // Vaida & Alex

For People In Love Adventure Twillingate Newfoundland // Vaida & Alex 740 493 Gee & Ieva

Icebergs are famously bashful—what we see of them is only a slim fraction of what they truly are. How often do we use the phrase “it’s just the tip of the iceberg?” We say it all the time, because life is so much deeper than what we see.
We live and work in Toronto, and while we love the excitement and energy, the city lifestyle is maybe the tip of the iceberg of what we enjoy most in life. A three hour plane ride recently brought us away from the buzz and the bustle into the sprawling beauty of Newfoundland. While not too far away geographically, St. John’s felt like a million miles away in other ways. During the flight, Toronto was certainly still with us but as soon as the doors of the airport parted and we stepped into the Newfoundland air, it all washed away. St. John’s is nestled in forest, and it felt like one could have set up a campsite right by the curb to one of its streets. There is something amazing about people and nature living so close together, and we felt instantly at ease and at home.
While visiting the Battery section of St. John’s, we met up with a local who invited us back to his home. This house—a fourth generation ancestral home—would be the envy of any antique store. Paintings, model ships, and little oddments filled its rooms, and we could have spent hours walking through it like a museum. Unfortunately, we only had one week to enjoy the whole province, so we had to move on.
Over the days we traveled onward to Twillingate, we fell even harder in love with Newfoundland. Nature can sometimes look intimidating and harsh, but just like a stranger, once you get to know it up close it’s wonderful and charming and unique. We can definitely say that as we moved closer to our destination, we and Newfoundland become good friends.
Our hope was to see the majestic icebergs, but since our trip fell in late summer, we weren’t sure if they’d still be there. Upon our arrival to Twillingate, however, the only thing that had melted away was our fears—we stood face to face with Greenland ice that was over ten thousand years old. Any photograph, any description, any attempt to capture their majesty would fall short. But believe me when I say that seeing them was a view of a lifetime.
We met with Alex and Vaida to walk the hills around the area and to watch humpback wales breaking the surface for a breath. In those quiet and wonderful moments, we knew this trip would be inked on our lives for the rest of time, the memories frozen in perfection—the best kind of ice there is.
Vaida and Alex got married at 2nd Floor Events in Toronto Downtown couple months ago.

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