berkeley church wedding photographer toronto
Berkeley Church Wedding Toronto // Lia & Mike 683 1024 Gee & Ieva

Berkeley Church Wedding Toronto // Lia & Mike

Berkeley Church in Toronto is unique wedding venue and thankfully will not be consumed by another condo building just yet. Sadly it’s not so great news for Berkeley Fieldhouse. This year we will be shooting some of our last weddings at the Berkeley Fieldhouse. Toronto attracting more and more people who want’s to live and play here and naturally city needs to grow. It’s kind of good thing from one perspective and not so great from the other. More people means more vibrant city and that’s awesome. It’s also sad to loose some unique places including some great wedding venues to a condo buildings. As space in Toronto shrinks many unique store fronts, coffee shops and restaurants closing their doors as owners can’t keep up with sky rocketing leases or just sold off to a developer. Once new building is build old restaurant, coffee shop or a specially wedding venue space is not necessary replaced with the new one. Buildings that are build without consideration for the neighbourhood destroys charm and atmosphere of the area. For us directly it means less interesting corners to shot at. New shiny building walls just don’t have the same feeling like old beat up but full of character brick walls. Would be sad to see Toronto become one giant condo with bunch of Starbucks coffee shops on concourse level. Hopefully we will still have enough awesome buildings left to celebrate unique weddings in and not be forced out of the Toronto to some banquet hall in the middle of a parking lot.
For now lets enjoy what’s left. Let’s celebrate warmth, emotion and uniqueness. As much as these words describe Berkeley Church it also describe Lia and Mike. These two not only embraced Berkley Church old atmosphere but also build a beautiful alter that they got married under. After spending little bit of time with our couple we knew that their connection to each other goes way back before this awesome wedding.

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kurtz orchards gracewood estate wedding
Kurtz Orchards Wedding In Niagara On The Lake // Lindsay & TC 683 1024 Gee & Ieva

Kurtz Orchards Wedding In Niagara On The Lake // Lindsay & TC

Last year we had a chance to shoot Kurtz Orchards wedding in Niagara On The Lake. An hour drive from Toronto and we were passing vinery after vinery and enjoying views of endless stripy fields full of grapes. Niagara On The Lake is always fun and refreshing, whenever you coming to explore some new amazing local vines, attending someones wedding or just driving thru and admiring the scenery. We love shooting outdoor weddings so Niagara On The Lake region is perfect for us. This time we shot two birds with one stone. Besides using Kurtz Orchards Farm And Market property we sneaked into Gracewood Estate near by for some photos as well. No matter which location you would pick for your wedding it would be awesome no matter what. Not only Kurtz Orchards venue has rows and rows of vines but peach trees as well. There were a lot of spots we were able to use for Lindsay and TC’s portraits. We endured some showers but when you have brave couple rarely anything goes not according to the plan. Lindsay and TC exchanged their wows at the peach tree oasis under the string lights. For desert during the dusk session rainbow coloured the sky for us so we were able to capture some amazing lit portraits of these two. We finished amazing day with fire torches and sound of live band.

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Music : – Roo Panes – Know Me Well ( iTunes )

propeller coffee wedding
Propeller Coffee Wedding Toronto // Jenny & Matt 683 1024 Gee & Ieva

Propeller Coffee Wedding Toronto // Jenny & Matt

We asked for isight into Jenny and Matt’s wedding at Propeller Coffee Co. from Ali Harrison, a local paper cutting artist and owner of Toronto-based arts business Light + Paper and thats what she had to say.

I am not a wedding planner. I am actually not even a “wedding person.” But I do have a love for making beautiful things, an annoying attention for detail, and a hidden desire to boss people around. So, when my good friends Jenny and Matt asked me to help with a few aspects of their wedding, I quickly grew addicted to the power and soon became de-facto wedding planner.
Jenny and Matt agreed that they wanted to throw a chill, fun party for their friends and family, with great food and music. Neither of them had ever dreamed of the perfect 3-tier wedding cake, the designer gown, or the towering centrepieces, so planning the night became a game of “how can we make this the most fun?” and “how can we decorate with what we have laying around?” Luckily, Jenny and Matt know how to throw a good party, and I have A LOT of stuff laying around.
It was decided that Propeller Coffee would be the perfect venue for the relaxed affair. It was downtown, open concept, with outdoor space, and the rustic minimal interior meant that we didn’t have to do much to dress it up. Jenny and Matt loved the offerings from Citizen catering, and decided on both passed appetizers and food stations inside and outside. The menu included so many delicious offerings, my favourites were the oysters, porchetta, and tuna ceviche.
For the decor, we wanted to accentuate the beautiful space with some colourful additions. We added string cafe lights and rows of paper tassels to the ceiling, succulent centrepieces on wooden boards on the tables, polaroid cameras with Jenny and Matt’s faces as photo props, and our crown jewel – the hanging paper garland backdrop. The pops of colour in the decor perfectly accented Jenny and Matt’s outfits, her blue shoes and his suit, and the orange and pink in her bouquet.
Having an art studio and access to a lasercutting machine meant that we had a relatively easy time at the DIY aspect of the decor. We borrowed the tassels from a friend, and used vases and bottles we both had collected – the only tricky part was fitting all the flowers into my studio’s mini-fridge. Having decided to keep most aspects simple, we did want to create a magical and ambitious piece for the backdrop, and being a paper artist, I aimed high. We sewed together colourful paper shapes into long strings, to be hung in front of the large windows at Propeller.
Watching Jenny and Matt meet under the paper backdrop, with light streaming in through the windows was magical. They were married and the party could begin! With many high fives, heartfelt speeches, and polaroids passed around, the night flew by. However, the best moment came at the arrival of the Ice Cream Truck – when all the guests piled out to the street to order soft serve cones, popsicles and slushies. We danced around Jenny and Matt, who had tied giant balloons to their backs, holding sticks with photos of their faces glued to them in one hand, and ice cream cones in the other – the funnest, most perfect moment that still makes me uncontrollably smile.

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downtown wedding toronto
Canoe Restaurant Wedding Toronto // Torie and Ioan 740 493 Gee & Ieva

Canoe Restaurant Wedding Toronto // Torie and Ioan

You can spot people with a good taste from a mile away. Torie is a designer at her own company Vessel Coasters and works as a creative director at Millie Desserts so their stylish wedding comes as no surprise at all.
What really stands out for us from Torie and Ioan’s wedding besides how amazing they both looked was the venue they have picked.It’s nice to find secret spots walking on foot in Toronto its even nicer when you are watching it all from the above. Where we ended up was Canoe restaurant on Wellington street. And of course to reach Canoe restaurant you have to travel horizontally as well as vertically a bit. By bit we mean 54 floors up. When guests were arriving at Torie and Ioan’s ceremony first thing everyone did was jump to the windows. Not only hight was impressive though. Ceremony room was divided in half so guests could see bride and groom from two sides. When Torie was walking down the isle she was walking high in the sky passing rooftops of Toronto towers with wide view of Ontario lake. It was uplifting.
After spectacular ceremony another door has opened and reception area soon was filed with family and friends. Tables at Canoe Restaurant were draped with flowers beautiful table cards and golden light from the west. Canoe is famous for their sunset views. While chefs prepared top notch food, guests enjoyed mingling with their fancy drinks in their hands watching downtown Toronto under their feet and sun slipping under horizon. We finished spectacular wedding day with awesome food followed by wild party and night lights of downtown. I hope you will enjoy this post and please check at the bottom all the vendors Torie picked and her philosophy behind it.

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Music : – Vancuver Sleep Clinic – Collapse ( iTunes )
A word from Torie:
I tried to keep our vendors pretty dispersed and tried to focus on local and small shops. I didn’t want to read wedding magazines or anything like that because I wanted it to be more of an organic process, and therefore more us; though because of that my info is kind of all over the place haha.
1. All of the flowers and things like the vases, bud vases and candle votives were by Lisa at Sweet Woodruff ( They were amazing and I was so happy with them.
2. My mom made all of our table runners and I found the card box at an antique market.
3. Invitations and table numbers were from
4. My dress was a Jenny Packham design and was purchased at White ( They were so wonderful and helpful in helping me find the right dress and then alter it to fit my needs.
5. Canoe provided all of the silverware, napkins, regular furniture, and they ordered in the ceremony chairs for me from an event rental company.
6. Ioan’s suit was Armani and shirt was Eton and was all purchased at Harry Rosen at Yorkdale. He also chose and had custom made all of the boys’ ties, pocket squares, and his own bow tie from their selection of fabrics.
7. My shoes were Nicholas Kirkwood.
8. I designed the wedding favours – they were leather coasters with gold emboss. I make coasters under my company Vessel Coasters ( :).
9. Ioan’s rose gold ring was made for him at Anice Jewellery on Ossington (
10. My platinum and diamond engagement ring was my grandmother’s and my little white gold and diamond wedding band was picked up in a shop ( in Kingston, Ontario while out with my mom. It was a great find! Took a long time to find one that worked and I was worried I never would haha.
11. Bridesmaids’ dresses were purchased through Elmwood Brides in Aurora, Ontario.
12. The bridesmaids’ presents (necklaces, bracelets, and earrings) were from Sterling in Kingston, Ontario. I got a few things in Kingston because I love their local shops. Our cottage is close by in the Thousand Islands region and Ioan and I met while attending Queen’s University. We still spend a lot of time in the area!
13. Our fun officiant was Catherine Kentridge from Custom Wedding Ceremonies ([email protected]). She did a great job of teasing info out of 2 fairly shy people haha and I loved her bright outfit! A lot of people commented on it afterwards asking if it made me mad but it actually made the whole experience super upbeat.
14. The dogs’ leashes and collars were handmade here in Toronto by Hound Collection ( and @houndcollection on Instagram), which is owned and designed by one of my best friends, Sam.
15. Our cakes were made by another one of my best friends, Christinn, who owns and operates Millie Creperie, Millie Patisserie, and Millie Cafe ( I work with her as Creative Director and manage all of her admin. We have a blast. She covered our cake with many packs of gold leaf!
16. The cake toppers were made by another friend, Jamie, who owns and designs for her business Little Bellwoods (
17. My hair, all the bridesmaids’ hair, and my mother-in-law’s hair was done by Kelly at Vescada Salon (
18. Our guest book was by Velvet Raptor (
19. Just a little special note, my dad provided the very nice 1992 vintage port we drank that night. When my parents had my older sister, a friend of my dad’s told him about the tradition of buying port from the year of your children’s birth. 1989 (my birth year) didn’t have a vintage year but he grabbed the next best one: 1992. So Ioan and I did our thank yous and toast with 24 year old port!

james gardens wedding
James Gardens Wedding // Torie 683 1024 Gee & Ieva

James Gardens Wedding // Torie

Recently we have shot a wedding at Canoe restaurant in downtown Toronto. Before heading to downtown we stopped at James Gardens for some greenery shots. We find James Gardens quite interesting park to shoot at. Front of the park is quite manicured and real nature people would call it cheese but sometimes you just have to dig deep enough and have a different point of view to find something unique. The other half of the park has a wild side to it that we would love to explore in the future. One more thing you have to be aware if you head to James Gardens on the weekend it is crazy busy. There were another four wedding shoots happening at the park once we arrived with Torie and Ioan. It goes without saying our couple was the coolest. Here is one frame with Torie from James Gardens.

james gardens wedding

The Doctor's House wedding
The Doctor’s House Wedding Photographer // Laura & Mike 683 1024 Gee & Ieva

The Doctor’s House Wedding Photographer // Laura & Mike

We rarely or almost newer shoot at the wedding halls. The Doctor’s House is a wedding hall and quite busy one but doesn’t look like one per se. Doctor’s House offers few spots where you can say for ever and ever till death due us part, they even have a small beautiful chapel. Laura and Mike exchanged their wows on the private patio by the fireplace outdoors. We would say not many of the wedding halls in Vaughan can offer this feature. Beautifully landscaped garden was perfect for Laura and Mike’s portrait session. Here is one from the weekend.

Doctor's House wedding photographer

kurtz orchard farm wedding
Kurtz Orchard Farm Wedding // Lindsay & TC 683 1024 Gee & Ieva

Kurtz Orchard Farm Wedding // Lindsay & TC

It was our first time shooting wedding at Kurtz Orchards Farm in Niagara On The Lake. Not only we got a chance to shoot at this insanely beautiful location with rows and rows of peach trees and stunning vineyard we also had a brave couple. No mater rain and dark skies Lindsay and TC got married outdoors under the string lights. It does not get any better than that. Here is one from beautiful wedding day. Check out their full Kurtz Orchards wedding post.

kurtz orchard farm wedding

bride and groom fine art wedding lithuania
Lithuania Wedding Photography // Zivile & Dalius 683 1024 Gee & Ieva

Lithuania Wedding Photography // Zivile & Dalius

I don’t even know where to begin with this one. After capturing as many weddings as we have, you’d think they wouldn’t affect me much any more. I thought the same thing as I prepared for our trip. At first I thought we’d just fly in to Lithuania, shoot my little sister’s wedding like any other, do the best job we can, and that would wrap up our trip. It turned out to mean much more.
For my little sister Zivile’s big day, she decided to keep everything fairly small, pretty intimate, and mostly do-it-yourself. This was the first time we saw and realized how much work you have to put in in to wedding planning, especially if you take care of most of the organization and details yourself. Even though this was a small intimate wedding with only fifty people, there was plenty of work to be done in order to pull everything together. Every DIY detail takes time, thought and effort to make and at the end everything must be coordinated in one spot on one day at just the right time. If you are thinking about planning a DIY wedding, my advice would be start early and don’t procrastinate to the last minute—take any helping hand you can and hire good professionals as needed, since one mistake can ruin all your hard work and even your entire wedding day.
Leading up to the ceremony, our mom—who is the best seamstress I know—worked hard to make Zivile’s dress by hand, even altering it just slightly at the last minute to accommodate the few pounds my sister understandably lost because of wedding jitters. But now she will have something special to hand down to her daughter and her daughter’s daughter, and that makes all the hard work worth every stitch.
While it was part of my job that day to take the photographs and I had to worry about all the usual things like lighting, the weather (which turned out great), perfect angles and looking for great moments, an even bigger job fell to me. When I was walking my little sister down the aisle holding her little hand, I swallowed some tears. I don’t think anyone saw it—I tried to keep it together as I had a job to do. When we walked I realized how she had grown from just a little girl to a beautiful woman. Our father past away from cancer and my mom raised Zivile by herself from when my sister was eight years old. I bow to single parents. We just had our little Emma, and can’t imagine raising a kid by yourself. But that is story for other time perhaps.
It was an emotional, beautiful day. We had a chance to see a wedding from another point of view: from the perspective of family and friends. We don’t get to enjoy this side very often, and it gave us even more understanding how important weddings are.
While time can seem to both pass too quickly and also stand perfectly still, weddings give families a chance to look around and enjoy the past, present, and the future together. This trip had so many firsts and some lasts. The first time I walked my sister down the isle; the first time I shot a wedding barefoot and wearing shorts half of the day anyway; the first time my grandma saw her great granddaughter. Unfortunately life goes as it goes making lines and wrinkles on our faces and hands, and at some point, the time we do some thing will end up being the last time we do it. My beloved grandma passed away just a few weeks after the wedding.
So hold your hands together as those old and young celebrate birthdays and weddings. Take the time to celebrate family and life, because you newer know when you will see each other again even if you live under the same roof.

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Music : – James Vincent McMorrow – Cavalier ( iTunes )

McMichael Canadian Art Collection Wedding // Kaylan & Shaun 683 1024 Gee & Ieva

McMichael Canadian Art Collection Wedding // Kaylan & Shaun

We din’t meet Kaylan and Shaun till their wedding day at McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Kleinburg. They had enough confidence booking us without the meeting. We din’t have much time for Kaylan and Shaun’s portraits but these two were super laid back and just wanted to enjoy their special day. McMichael is definitely lovely spot for the wedding and we would love to come back. Here is one from the weekend.


propeller coffee co wedding photographer
Propeller Coffee Co Wedding Photographer // Jenny & Matt 683 1024 Gee & Ieva

Propeller Coffee Co Wedding Photographer // Jenny & Matt

What do you do when you can’t find cool spots to shoot a wedding in Toronto?,- you find a cool couple. One from Saturday wedding at Propeller Coffee Co. with Jenny and Matt. Check out full Jenny and Matt Propeller Coffee wedding post.

propeller coffee co wedding photographer

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