what to wear for engagement photoshoot
What To Wear For Engagement Photoshoot // By Amanda Lee Shaw 740 493 Gee & Ieva

What To Wear For Engagement Photoshoot // By Amanda Lee Shaw

You’re engaged, congratulations! After saying yes to that special someone, naturally you’ll want to share the news and show off the ring, but there can be a lot of pressure associated with getting your engagement photos just “right”.

My name is Amanda, Toronto based Costume Designer and with a lot of experience creating and styling looks for people in film and print. I’m here to share some insights to help save the stress and come away with an engagement photo you’ll want to highlight rather than hide for years to come.

Firstly, work with your location. You’ve probably picked the perfect place for your photos so keep it in mind when selecting your outfit. Whether you’re hiking in the woods, strolling through downtown or rolling around on a sandy beach, make sure you wear something appropriate for the setting. Also, embrace the colour palette of your surroundings. Are you against a red brick wall? Standing in a green forest? Pick an outfit that works with these colours and doesn’t cause you to blend into the background and you’re already ahead of the game.

Be yourself. Your engagement photos are just that ,YOUR engagement photos. Above all, choose an outfit you feel comfortable in. If you’re generally a casual dresser, dress casually and if haute couture is your thing, rock it. You never know what interesting poses your photographer might have in mind, so make sure you can move freely in whatever you choose, or have a game plan for the limitations a pencil skirt holds.

Engagement photos are a chance to be less formal (you’ll be dressed to the 9’s on the big day). For the gents a nice pair of jeans with a button down shirt and pullover sweater works nicely. Ladies, if you have a favourite dress or top, incorporate it into your look.

what to wear for engagement photoshoot

I suggest avoiding baggy or ill-fitting clothes, anything that’s overly revealing or overly casual, like running/tennis shoes or graphic tees. You want to look good while still feeling comfortable.
That being said, feel free to dress up! A cute cocktail dress or a suit aren’t too much and will look just as nice. (You can even channel your wedding day with a white dress!)

This may be your opportunity to try out that amazing outfit you’ve been eyeing. However, it is important to make sure you’ve worn the clothes and planned your outfit ahead of the photo shoot. Buying a new outfit can be great, but make sure you feel comfortable and not awkward in it. Nothing could be worse than showing up on the day and worrying the whole time about bunching pockets or a rogue shoulder strap. Take the guessing game out of the equation and wear your new outfit at least once, even if it’s just for dinner and drinks at home.

Play off your partner. Definitely don’t wear matching outfits (even if you want to, please don’t, you’ll thank me later), but coordinating colours can help create a feeling of cohesion. If you’re looking to add a pop of colour, ties and heels are a great place to start. They can add the element of fun and flare you’re looking for and pairing them with an otherwise neutral look ensures you won’t be over powered by your outfit.

Remember to choose a look that feels timeless and avoid anything that is too current or on trend. You’ll want to enjoy your photos for years to come.

Finally, don’t forget the little details. You’ll want the classic engagement ring shot so your hands better be camera ready! (male and female) I tend to prefer neutral tones but you can always add a pop of colour, it is a celebration after all! If you’re like me and don’t normally wear nail polish, get a manicure in a nude or neutral shade. This will keep your nails looking nice without making it feel like someone else’s engagement photos. And guys, tidy up those hands too. You’re going to be on display and while it may not be your thing to get a manicure at least trim those nails and keep them clean for the shoot. Earrings that suit but don’t distract and a simple watch or bracelet are all simple items that help the photos feel less like a catalogue ring photo shoot.

Whatever you choose to wear, remember the focus is about you choosing each other. Confidence will help you move more naturally and make your photos that much more successful and the shoot more enjoyable, so don’t loose sight of the intention and exude the confidence you felt saying yes into those pictures.

This is by no means a rule book, the most important thing is to make the session unique to you and ensuring that you enjoy it! If it starts to rain, incorporate cute umbrellas. If you break a heel, have your other half lift you up. If you forget the ring, well you better go back and get it, it’s an engagement photo after all, and I’m sure it’s going to be lovely.

liberty village toronto engagement
Liberty Village Toronto Engagement // Courtney & Devin 683 1024 Gee & Ieva

Liberty Village Toronto Engagement // Courtney & Devin

One of the reasons our couples pick For People In Love Session with the wedding package is to see how the portrait session on the wedding day will go. For us it’s a good way to connect with our couples and see what direction we will take on a big day. After spending some time with you we often analyze what we would do differently and if needed to adjust some shooting strategies. What we often here from couples we worked with is how at ease they feel after photo session. It clears their mind regarding wedding portrait session, answers a lot of the questions about all the process and takes a lot of stress from their shoulders. On the wedding day you will have a lot on your plate and having one uncertainty less its a good thing. As we mention before For People In Love Session can be anything – your engagement, family portraits etc. Of course besides all the technicalities you will have fragments of your life and love captured that you will cherish forever.
Courtney and Devin decided to have their engagement photos to be taken in Liberty Village. That’s were they live and play so naturally corners around Carpet Factory and near Caffino restaurant was obvious thing to do. We met at School restaurant corner and continued further on. These two were amazing. Here is one frame for now.

liberty village toronto engagement

toronto high park engagement
Toronto High Park Engagement // Lindsay & TC 683 1024 Gee & Ieva

Toronto High Park Engagement // Lindsay & TC

High Park is one of the biggest green spaces in Toronto. No mater how many times we come to the park it seems that we always find some unvisited corner or tree. Here is one frame from the For People In Love Session with Lindsay and TC.

toronto high park engagement

Oakville Engagement Photographer // Jenna & Matt 683 1024 Gee & Ieva

Oakville Engagement Photographer // Jenna & Matt

Few frames from engagement shoot with Jenna and Matt in Oakville. These two brought silky smooth light with them on top of positive and warm energy . It was fun evening. Will be back to Oakville for their wedding next year hope the light will still be there.

fine art engagement photographer oakville
oakville fine art wedding photographer
oakville engagement photographer

Toronto Brick Works engagement
For People In Love Session – Toronto Brick Works Engagement // Lindsay & Matt 683 1024 Gee & Ieva

For People In Love Session – Toronto Brick Works Engagement // Lindsay & Matt

One frame from Toronto Brick Works shoot with Lindsay and Matt.Can’t wait for their wedding latter this summer.
Toronto Brick Works engagement

newfoundland wedding photographer
For People In Love Adventure Twillingate Newfoundland // Vaida & Alex 740 493 Gee & Ieva

For People In Love Adventure Twillingate Newfoundland // Vaida & Alex

Icebergs are famously bashful—what we see of them is only a slim fraction of what they truly are. How often do we use the phrase “it’s just the tip of the iceberg?” We say it all the time, because life is so much deeper than what we see.
We live and work in Toronto, and while we love the excitement and energy, the city lifestyle is maybe the tip of the iceberg of what we enjoy most in life. A three hour plane ride recently brought us away from the buzz and the bustle into the sprawling beauty of Newfoundland. While not too far away geographically, St. John’s felt like a million miles away in other ways. During the flight, Toronto was certainly still with us but as soon as the doors of the airport parted and we stepped into the Newfoundland air, it all washed away. St. John’s is nestled in forest, and it felt like one could have set up a campsite right by the curb to one of its streets. There is something amazing about people and nature living so close together, and we felt instantly at ease and at home.
While visiting the Battery section of St. John’s, we met up with a local who invited us back to his home. This house—a fourth generation ancestral home—would be the envy of any antique store. Paintings, model ships, and little oddments filled its rooms, and we could have spent hours walking through it like a museum. Unfortunately, we only had one week to enjoy the whole province, so we had to move on.
Over the days we traveled onward to Twillingate, we fell even harder in love with Newfoundland. Nature can sometimes look intimidating and harsh, but just like a stranger, once you get to know it up close it’s wonderful and charming and unique. We can definitely say that as we moved closer to our destination, we and Newfoundland become good friends.
Our hope was to see the majestic icebergs, but since our trip fell in late summer, we weren’t sure if they’d still be there. Upon our arrival to Twillingate, however, the only thing that had melted away was our fears—we stood face to face with Greenland ice that was over ten thousand years old. Any photograph, any description, any attempt to capture their majesty would fall short. But believe me when I say that seeing them was a view of a lifetime.
We met with Alex and Vaida to walk the hills around the area and to watch humpback wales breaking the surface for a breath. In those quiet and wonderful moments, we knew this trip would be inked on our lives for the rest of time, the memories frozen in perfection—the best kind of ice there is.
Vaida and Alex got married at 2nd Floor Events in Toronto Downtown couple months ago.

newfoundland wedding photographer
twillingate wedding photographer
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twillingate at night
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maple leaf
For People In Love Adventure – Massasauga Provincial Park // Ruby & Craig 740 493 Gee & Ieva

For People In Love Adventure – Massasauga Provincial Park // Ruby & Craig

If you’re like us, you love adventure. And if you’re like us, you probably have come home from an adventure and wished you had taken more pictures (we’ve thought at least a thousand times, and we’re professional photographers!). It can be hard to pull yourself away from the moment to snap a picture, so we’re very excited to unveil our “For People In Love Adventure.” It’s a chance for us to tag along on your next big—or not so big—adventure, whether it’s your canoe trip with friends or a picnic with your family on a Sunday afternoon.
While we always love photographing weddings, it’s sometimes nice to relax into a more casual day, when we can take a little more time to get to know your personality and then capture some candid moments that otherwise might have passed by. We’d love to spend the whole adventure with you, to capture it from beginning to end. This project is all about the three things that matter most to us: people, love, and adventure—and the memories they each bring.
While selfies are great, we think togetheries are even better. So get back in the moment with the people that are important to you! Let us take care of documenting your trip, your day, your engagement session, your get together or whatever you love doing. We believe in taking the time to let the real you emerge, rather than posing people or coaching them on how we think they should look, and work hard to create a more authentic and lasting keepsake for your day.
The last thing we want is for you to wish you had taken more pictures—we would love to help make that wish come true!

engagement in the canoe
red canoe engagement muskoka
massasauga provincial park
muskoka wild flora
canoe reflection muskoka
canoeing in muskoka engagement
paddling engagement in muskoka
lake engagement muskoka
muskoka camping engagement photographer
paddling engagement session
muskoka engagement photography
georgian bay engagement
outdoor engagement session
sunset engagement session
moss engagement session
engagement session blanket
camping engagement muskoka
engagement in muskoka
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muskoka camping engagement
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view of georgian bay
view-of-georgian-bay engagement
muskoka engagement photographer
camping-engagement-fire starting
muskoka engagement photographer
view-of-georgian-bay-camping engagement
engagement session at night
engagement session at night
engagement ring shot
engagement-session by the bonfire
bonfire engagement session muskoka
bonfire engagement session muskoka

Day two

canoe trip muskoka
 red canoe
muskoka engagement photographer
maple leaf
muskoka engagement photographer
muskoka engagement photographer
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